Sunday, May 15, 2005

well, this child is working towards being a digital camera bore. come join me!!! just started twiddling with the pix. it's fun, tweaking all the tweakable parametres. I'm not into photography, tho the pictures of NY that Berenice Abbott took in the 30s really make me jump. her pictures are great because she's oh my god adventurous and sees so much loveliness in the city. think of Ansel Adams, too, in whose work you see the exquisite effort of each image. then a schmo like me who just points and clicks, and 'developing' consists of a little more point and click. yet it's all just method and procedure. I guess it makes me nervous, how these techno advances shorten the distance between concept and realization. ways to access that moving idea. yet hey: I think Jukka must write distance shortening computer routines. does that make sense? when I take a picture, I hope it comes out interestingly. I sure as hell can't tell from the thumbnail image after I click. I have, however, a sense of procedure, not unlike what drives my writing. the terms of digital photography simply are different. take 27 thousand pictures, fuss with them till they work.

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