Thursday, October 07, 2004

hey! lemme show you my photo album. my filing system (pile of stuff) disgorged these pix, all from the year 2000.

firstly, beth writing (not carving) our names on an elderly beech in back of the rude bridge that arched the flood, ie Concord or North Bridge. and did you know that there was nevera bridge there during Emerson's lifetime?

winter solstice 2000, wedding night. I'm testing to see if the alcohol content in the Joseph Perrier Champagne is okay. I believe it was. Erin was 6 or 7 inches shorter than me when this picture was taken, now he's that much taller. 9 days later, he and I were having a snowball fight in the 1st snowfall of the season. in stopping short due to a sneaky manuever on my part, he slipped, fell and broke his fibula in 3 places. the 3 of us spent the next 9 days in Boston Children's Hospital. he came home with 4 external pins sticking out of his thigh, which weren't removed until May. but he'sall right now.

himself on Concord Bridge. Beth and I exchanged marriage vows on this bridge. while we did so 2 pigeons performed mating rituals on the railing. the male strutted and puffed his chest, the female spun circles. fascinating, dead of winter.

and finally, Beth and me at the site of Thoreau's cabin. how did we come to look like such hayseeds. am I that dumb looking? this is our 1st picture together. we commandeered some other Waldenites to take our picture. we rushed to the quickie photo development. we got the pix then had to wonder when exactly we fell from the turnip truck. amazingly, I look even dumber in another picture in the set.
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