Wednesday, October 06, 2004

watched Cheney/Edwards. I don't watch such things often. I get discouraged, or I focus on some superficial thjing or... the superficial thing last night was Cheney's hand gestures. the CEO explaining things to stupid, and by stupid he doesn't just mean Edwards he means anyone who hasn't hopped onto the Bush/Cheney train to the fuck all of futures, id est non-CEOs. gestures by Edwards didn't bother me, they seemed simply the end of his sentences. Cheney seemed bullying with his gestures. Mr My Way or the Highway. Cheney seemed discomfited by Edwards' backtalk. in Cheney's outfit, there's a clear demarcation of power, which includes underlings biting their tongue. Cheney didn't speak well, like he didn't have to: he's the CEO, he lays down the law. Edwards the terrier/lawyer spoke well, but as the debate went on he seemed slicker. supposedly before the Reagan/Carter, Carter is looking over his notes whereas Dutch stands before a mirror practicing his face. Edwards sounded a bit overtrained, as in when he couldn't not mention Kerry's name. kudos to Cheney for even suggesting San Salvador as a success story effective democratic foreign policy. he might've added the Philippines, Nicaragua, Vietnam, etc... not only should you believe what he says but, damn it, you should like it. well, I will be voting for the lesser of evils, like the rest of the population that will bother, but I don't have to like it.
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