Saturday, October 09, 2004

made it thru another debate. that is to say, I neglected my civic duty to run to Kenmore Square and overturn cars and break windows to celebrate with due solemnity the Red Sox winning the 1st round of playoffs. the candidates sitting on stools waiting for glassy-eyed white people to ask questions was a little awkward. so was ABC throwing Charlie what's his name out there as credible moderator. but the debate maintained a brisk pace. looked like a boxing match, in fact, with the candidates strutting back to their seats after each round. Kerry was much better spoken and prepared. he worked well with those people in charge of keeping things as unnatural as possible. I mean, he had all those don't-forget-to-mentions right at the tip of his tongue. so did Bush, but Bush wasn't so easy with the prep. I was dismayed and Beth left the room (to return soon) when Kerry showed that he was going for the hawk vote. the security moms and dads want to be sure we're out there fighting somebody, you know, to save us from, you know, terrorism. (our friend's parents, recently here from Israel, laughed at the police blotter in the local paper: you call that crime?). the debate should have been postponed due to equipment failure, what with the microphone implanted in GW's head obviously on the fritz. actually, I was sympathetic to the way he mispronounces and misspeaks. I mean, that might be neurological. at any rate, it is foolish to think that he's as dumb as he sounds. not to say he is brilliant. but stick him in a country club locker room, with a martini or a cigar in hand, free to be coarse and satiric, and I'm sure you'd see a diffrent guy. I'm not saying that Cheney doesn't pull the srings, only that to typify Bush as strictly a muttonhead is to risk underestimating him. JK was stalwart in at least presenting a sense of how he'd do things. Bush tried to sound paternalistic, he being president and all. the ploy didn't really work, for:

1)he's younger than Kerry, and besides, his grandfather Dick Cheney is really in charge,
2)he's shorter than Kerry (remember: vote your heart: vote for the taller candidate),
3)his years of public service is shorter (owning the Rangers doesn't count)

admirable chutzpah for Bush to suggest that he's the environmental candidate. like Cheney, Bush went after both Kerry and Edwards about showing up to vote, and Kerry just ignored that. Bush hit a snarl, so to speak, when he shouted down Charlie what's his name, who tried to ask a question but Bush wanted to follow up on Kerry's remarks. Kerry was much more at ease and capable. there's been too much farking around in Kerry's run for the roses, so it is good to see that he and his peeps are getting it together as we come to the last lap. Kerry is more than just another Democratic lump, à la Gore, I believe he can beat Bush. if he makes it to the presidency, however, he needs to be scruffed. none of this signing the blank check, as everyone did for Bush. let's hold these people accoutable for a change. and thus my thoughts on the debate. now I must break my fast then head into Boston to see if any cars remain to be burned. go SOX!!!
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