Sunday, October 31, 2004

John Tranter, in Here Comes Everybody interview:

"I’m a poet, and you can only know what poetry is and what your own poetry might be, by exposing yourself to a vast range of different poetry, which I have done for over forty years. Now I need less of that; the fuel tank is full enough for the journey I still have in front of me."

I feel the same way. I've made what has been a useful survey over the years, but I don't want to be spending my time with TS Eliot experiences, Eliot being a writer I don't much cotton to. I'm not closed to what's out there, just that there's so much to read, not just poetry, that I have to say basta at some points. peccavi.

JT also says: "I have come to the conclusion that philosophy is not of any help at all in the art and craft of writing; to the contrary, it gets in the way." I'll bet it does. the theory writing of the LANGUAGE poets seems antipodal or contrary to the work they actually produce. I've been reading Silliman's What again, and it's simply lovely with clarity. his prose is just as he describes in that recent post. but the theory talk of the Language beat is more than a little gummy. I didn't read philosophy or psychology at all when young, avoided that interference. now, those disciplines offer some interest to me. I read them as poetry, and not very well, but I am urged and excited to do so.
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