Thursday, November 04, 2004

think it over, folks

this blog is the smart choice. where else can you read stupid opinions and immediate retractions, then retractions of my retractions, sort of? none of this sniffy I-know-what-I-like equaminity in the face of mediocrity stuff for me. I’m here to pull punches, and pull them I do. on this blog, you will read puh-lenty of spam diddled just enough to make it seem like art. that’s edgy art, cowpoke. and might I remind you that when I go oblique, it's because I have no clue what I'm writing. I'm not making any points, that's fer sure. are you looking for superficial commentary? I’m your man, and then some. not a day goes by when I don't make some ill-considered point, or just bore you with the obvious. are you curious to know what I read for ten minutes last night before falling asleep? I’m the one, the only one, who can tell you! I’ve posted mushroom spoor prints on this blog, with the implication that this is somehow art that I can take credit for. I’ve mentioned Robert Benchley here, who else does that? other blogs may never mention me but I've taken it as my driving urge to write piles about myself. I won't limit myself to the so-called 'interesting things' either. if I thought it, then it's worth posting. why, I’ve even made jokes about Ron Silliman: certainly no one else has ever thought to do that! of course, you can trust me to have figured out how to link to the same things you link to. we're simpatico, peeps. I even give you recommendations to read The Onion, as if you didn’t already. so all in all, this is the blog to read. other bloggers blog when they have something to say, but you won’t catch me waiting for that to happen. I’m on the ball, ready to post the 1st thing that comes to mind. it's about quantity, not quality. you need me, and don’t you forget it.
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