Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Stephen, or I should say Steve, Vincent made public a reading he and another poet did on radio. which is an unclear sentence that means to say that a recording of said reading is available here (pissa long url). it's fun to hear this sort of thing, and we should all technologize ourselves so that we can easily make our own tapes and such. I declare that any time percussion and poetry come together, it's gonna sound Beat to my ears. but I have seen more movie versions of Beat hipster (60s movies and Maynard G Krebs) than any sort of actual article. and the percussion sounds right fine. I could do it!!! well, dunno if I could manage to speak and drum simultaneous, I'd have to choose one or tother. and the voices going back and forth. I'm leery of poetry performance at the same time that I like the idea. I saw LeeAnn Brown reset the ballad "Greenwood Sidee" (which I 1st heard done by Kaleidoscope: 1st person to write me with a shout out for Kaleidoscope wins my respect!!! (that's a rare prize)). her lyrics were about the woman who drove her two children into a lake to drown. the original ballad concerns something similar, and is a lot more interesting lyrically than what Brown sang, plus Brown was pretty low key in her singing. the effect was more like a 2nd rate singer/songwriter than a poet challenging form. I thought SV and company had something going as a whole, with the 2 voices and percussion, together and at odds. (I'll mention again Elvin Jones spiking Ginsberg's song version of "The Grey Monk": wowza what a drummer!). reminds me of a time while in high school, a friend and me in his garage. he had a tape recorder so we started making noise with whatever we could find, and yelling. at one point I found a rhythm while drumming on a paint can and our happening briefly coalesced into something rather wonderful. my friend titled the piece "Garage Garaldi Voodoo", whatever that might've meant tho it stuck in my head these 36 years later. and since I am on tangent, I might mention a party we had. I have quite a few different drums, congas, bongos, bodhran, and a nifty ceramic dhoumbek. unfailingly people pick these up for at least a good rattle. at this party all the adults gathered up drums and stayed with them. and the younger generation would periodically come downstairs from their Nintendo inspired dreams to ask what the heck we were doing. I think, if I were to do more readings, I might bring a drum along. Henry G admitted to bringing his trusty mouth harp to our joint reading, in case a different sort of sonic entertainment recommended itself. I believe in tangents, by the way.
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