Thursday, November 04, 2004

I have stuff to DO but I need to... well it's like this... I was snide with Kasey, but the idea he posited just had off smells. 1st, I think pandering to the media is a bad deal. I mean making a show for them. a real goddamn pointed boycott is one thing, a look at me demonstration of whatever is another. it just seems effete to sit in your living room not enchanging gifts, and feeling like you've really got them by the sort hairs. it's nice to see some sense of doing something but: what were people gonna do if Kerry had won? did people think his election would've solved things? if you did, then I really don't think Bush's re-election makes a diff. it's just outsourcing the job at hand. I really don't know what to do except stick by my guns, and you stick by yours. as far as I am concerned, those are metaphorical guns. thinking in the buddhist terms of understanding others is useful, maybe all I have. demonizing doesn't work for me at all.
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