Saturday, August 20, 2005

it is nice to see mention of Kevin Magee at The Ingredient, or anywhere else. 3 cryptic poems, and a lengthy, highly specific memoir. Magee's writing is politically grounded. it is embued with the literature of politics. which is to say, he knows whereof he speaks (id est, if he says Engel or Marx, he's not talking the Classics Comics versions). and his politics is embued with a moral stance, I hope I can say that without egregious projections terminating my intent. any sort of politics refers to how we stand together, agreed? but one can, and most of us do, toss the bouquets around in a careless, superficial way. Magee's politics is such a processual part of his writing that the matter of false notes, of using his politics for literary gain, just don't come up. the 3 keenly cut poems seem counter to the expansive memory trip that follows. yet Magee pulls that memory into the field of his politics. I periodically 'champion' (yay me) Magee's work as it comes before me for it represents such a hard won, serious effort. he used to post to Poetics somewhat regularly at various times. it amazed me how little reaction could be bestirred on that clunky list to what to me is highly potent, clarifying drill. I realize the Poetics list is drydock, but really, Magee's work is so apt and agitating that more recognition should be made. okay, I'm heroizing myself for noticing, but just ignore that part please.
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