Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rodney Koeneke has quickly proven that he has blogger chops as he keeps the home fires aflame at Casa Mohammad. and it is a legit question to ask whether he had ought to get his own blog. beyond time squander, what other reasons might say don't? well sometimes the goals of it all seem too nebulous and unproductive. blogging can be a waste of gas. obviously it depends. for me, it's a really useful exercise, I don't care what you think. but then I do care what you think. I am aware that this blog gets read a bit, and that's better than nothing. but nothing aint that bad. and so on. how much a blog finalizes one's position in the poetry world remains to be seen. I mean the way a manner of branding occurs to readers as they read and consider blogs. a public voice occurs that may interfere with the poetry one writes. if I wiseacre or flip here at Tributary, will that impinge on readership's reading of the poem? if it does with mine, I guess I don't care. I just like writing. and I'd say pip pip if RK decided to start his own blog
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