Friday, August 19, 2005

Woods Lot is a blog I do not read daily: it is just too much. how does he collect so many links? check out the Ed Sanders stuff down near the bottom, especially the transcript of Sanders' testimony at the Chircgo 7 trial. that transcript is preposterous, let's leave it at that. Sanders mentions yodelling, and counsel wants a follow up. whoosh. Sanders' novel Love and Fame in New York is a classic, an art world parody riff. a link from one Sanders interview went to The Holy Modal Rounders, a 'folk-rock' group of the same era as The Fugs. I saw HMR at Franconia College in 1972. as I understand, the school paid the band $150, plus room and board, to get the 6-man group to come up to NH. David Bromberg a folkie who had at the time played with Dylan, was paid $750 for just his own self. and that kinda presents what HMR were like. they looked like a burnt out collective but they played a super concert in a small room. ah memories. anyway, the strange and hilarious Ed Sanders deserves notice.
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