Monday, August 15, 2005

a terrific post about Geof Huth's visit to John M Bennett. I especially like the few words about John's calligraphy, which is sui generis to say the least. just a slight note of "The Aspern Papers" in this meeting, as the younger poet visits the older. not that John is that old, it's just that he seems to've been around forever, and his output can be computed in tonnage. I am sure both poets goof off, maybe even talk baseball or what not, but the sense of vocation in both comes across strongly. I've never gone a-visiting like this. several people have advised me to go visit Vincent Ferrini, less than an hour away. it seems like a presumption to ask for a visit, but he's part of a certain history, as well as being a poet of substance. at a Boston Po-Marathon, 2001 maybe, Stephen Ellis offered to introduce me to Jordan Davis, but I shied, partly being extra weary at that point (Jordan's appearance was much much delayed, and I was a-wanting dinner), and I also have a basic self-regard prob such as made me think he wouldn't care. and did I ever tell you about my meeting Nada Gordon? I was with Sheila Murphy at the 1st BoPo that I attended. Nada came to greet Sheila, Sheila was about to introduce me to Nada, but someone interupted to say hi to Nada, and so flew the moment. instead of meeting Nada, I met nada, hahaha. well one more drab story: wine importer Kermit Lynch came to the store where I worked, having just published a book about his travels in the wine country. I enjoyed the book and told him so, and he just looked at me. I tried again, not laying it on, sincere in what I enjoyed, and he gave no reaction. that's why I am fixing to have an absolute no autographs policy when I become famous. sorry everyone.
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