Saturday, October 30, 2004

but I should complain. David Hess mentioned me! and quoted my shitty blog, of all the. well, I can say why I had a Chomsky blog link for a while. the idea of something patently serious on a daily basis. I used to wait on the Catholic cable station for discussions, in the hope that television could actually have such. not that I am Catholic or Christian, or that theology flies my boat. I was born into the Unitarian-Universalist church, which absolves me from any religious consideration whatsoever. but late night looking for something, I'd wish that tv could supply thought processes in action. hahaha, I know, I know. but the idea that something could be out there, something of an intellectual nature, fueled me, as it did with Chomsky's blog. but anyway, if David read more perspicaciously, he'd see that the phrase 'indescribable flake' refered to Lisablog, and what I was doing was sugegsting the range of blog possibilities. as it seemeth me that David's looking for a manner for his blog. David tempers a goodly scholarly base with a full throttle directive, which is usefully energetic and pungent to read. just one more person smarter than me. have you noticed that Jonathan Mayhew is providing hsi reading list? it grows and grows, wheras I dabble and finish little. he's reading in at least 2 languages. I feel so inadequate
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