Saturday, October 30, 2004

I could've written much that Ron Silliman writes here regarding method. that 1st paragraph particularly. the space between period and next word indeed is pregnant. sentences kinda write themselves. I mean, subject/object/verb, and such colouring agents as adjectives and adverbs. often I surprise myself with the words I use, re-contexted selections, say, but the sentence structure takes away some of the disjunction, soothing with auto-pilot acceptance of syntax, almost. but after the period, something else happens. I have written papers, formal school thingies, and laboir some from sentence to sentence. with my poetry, I just close my eyes and go fast over the bump. I haven't any great theories about this. it has simply been my practice to get out of the way as much as I can. train the ear, train the risk taking inside me, to go with the first choice, and figure, on the run, where next to leap. my idea of surprise. I know Silliman uses some structural devices along the way, counting words and such. that would distract me, tho I can see that distraction working for you. I guess disjunction is a tool. Tim Peterson back some months wrote about that (concerning ME), that wsa useful insight.
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