Wednesday, October 20, 2004

1st thing I noticed with Tim Peterson's Faux/e book, Trinkets Mashed into a Blender: a steady narrative push. I like narrative. a conjunction that Jeff Harrison and I discovered, that keeps us piling up a collaboration together, consists of a strong interest in narrative. I believe (and I've written this before) that the strong novels of this I guess it's still a post modern era have something to offer poets. the Romantics were pretty narrative strong as well, especially Byron. reading Tim's poems, one notes a story there. and yet the story isn't the point. more important is the structure of story, the container for the thing contained. well, I think so me. it's not the facts that interest but the impulse behind them. Tim appears to use cut up some, which confounds the reader's urge to clutch the narrative thread, as a life for him/herself to live. Tim's not writing soap opera. I think of Ashbery's poem "Idaho". also the novel Ashbery and Schuyler wrote together, A Nest of Ninnies, a book that I totally love. a novel without character development and without plot. therr is a lyrical voice here but Tim doesn't rely on it. these are my 1st impressions.
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