Friday, October 22, 2004

Erin's reading Flatland, the 19th century book about a 2-dimensional world. makes me think of Curtis Faville and his life in the comments boxes on Ron Silliman's blog. the life of Comments Box Curtis brings some philosophic qustions to mind. I mean besides what the hell's going on in his life. he lives dependent on Ron's whim. if Cuetis desires to go forward, he must wait until Ron posts. if Ron doesn't post, Curtis cannot go forward. think on that a moment. he can go backwards, but where's the thrill there? when traveling, Ron's posts become sporadic and usually, being on the fly, not offering a lot of commentary potential. howevet, for Curtis, I suppose it's a matter of any box in a storm. how many dimensions does Curtis live in? I might say 2, and I might say one. I dunno for sure. he 'saw' the picture of CD Wright that Ron posted a while back. is that seeing the same as mine, with the optical nerve and all? or is it more like a paramecium? I think more study should be made of Curtis of the Comments Box.
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