Thursday, October 21, 2004

god, I shall have to write about the Red Sox. I don't mind saying that I gave up on them. I gave up on the when they blew their lead early in the season and NY took over. I gave up on them later when they got spanked in NY. I gave up on them when they lost the 1st play off game. I gave up even more on them when they got blown out. I am sure I gave up on them on numerous other occasions, speaking just this season, but have forgotten the reason. I suspect I will give up on them plenty more times in the days and years to come. for sure I will give up on them when the NL entry scores its 1st run. I went to bed each night before the games ended, ready to give up on them as needed. howbeit, night before last I woke at 2:00 and had to get online to find out if unthinkably the Sox managed to tie the series. it's exciting. I can't wait to read the paper. last night it was 2-0. I took the dog out, an emergency, and returned just after Damon hit the grand slam. I finished up the dishes later and came back to have missed Damon's 2-run shot. in sooth, I hate getting caught up in this. sports is a sink hole. especially baseball, as you can watch an entire game thinking you'll just watch the next 1/2 inning. sadly, I haven't the energy or commitment to go into Boston and help trash Kenmore Square. am I bereft of spirit?
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