Thursday, October 21, 2004

"Reading as a means of control. “Don’t look back.” To which Satchel Paige add’d: “Something might be gaining on you.” Isn’t reading the thing without social constraint? The most free and freewheeling thing? The way the doors of one book empty one into another, or several others, in uncontrol’d and uncontrollable succession? To make it a need or a duty, or tack on a programmatic hindrance like “coverage”? Fishy."-- John Latta, as of 10/20/04. and don't eat fried foods that angry up the stomach. I agree, 'the way the doors of one book empty one into another'. which, as I type that out, as an odd image, with the sense of books being containers for the reader. to keep up with it all is impossible, and I would rather run to my excitements as much as possible.
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