Saturday, October 23, 2004

Attn/ Dear Sir, Madam,

I like apelike through this medium for your pantry to secure an opportunity to invest and join you with business in your wildlife country.

I have a substantial common heritage honourably traced to invest in your orange ourang-utang country. In very lucrative monkey business of which you are vise grip executing adventure over mammal plenty, mutual feet benefits of us all, more or less not slightly.

Your able marzipan-thrilled mandrill making co-operation become my business, your country creates Darwinian money on ideas marketing human many. Will invested properly, managed type of invasion, after money all along: all I transferred is your custody with assistance.

Meanwhile, on bank indication in foreign game reserve (chimpanzee), your willingness to handle this insincerity by protecting our wildlife
and upon your adaptation to criminal climate, this prop mission. Procedure amount involvement and mutually agreeable rhesus monkey owes your percentage holding for help me to secure zoo in release of deposition investing money in making mammal now, also research grants in vivisection mode.

I shall glad to reserve this respective opportunity for desire, but do urge you to meet the ape outside your immediate attention. It deserves looking forward to your opposable thumb, if only human were the cost.

Yours Faithfully,

John Leonard.

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