Friday, October 22, 2004

I know I hadn't ought to make bold statements such as below, but I guess it is okay to be carried by what one does, and to recognize that one has put an effort in. it's not a matter of comparatives and superlatives. I am not a wunderkind but someone who took a long time finding a way to write that belongs to my life, not to my favourite writer's. we're all on different schedules. I'm 52 and will be receiving my BA in the mail next week. only took 34 years. I'm a little embarrassed that I've piped up my thoughts on praxis amidst people like Henry and Jonathan, for everything I attempt in that arena is a labour for me, and they obviously are much better spoken than am I. and yet I am not embarrassed by my work, not my poetry, not even this silly blog. truth to say, I am writing what I want to read. not all of what I want to read, of course, butI feel like I make earnest steps in the right direction. apologia sua writing vita.
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