Friday, October 22, 2004




I am the best project manager golfer with the great Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation. You bet I know you will be surprise instant to receive this kind letter seeking for your insistence in golf club. To be caddy for Tiger Woods, I got your e-mail address through a close relation of his who is right now with Nigeria. Chamber of commerce thought I disclosed to him what I will use it for. I only requested for the business in question to transfer US$12,000,000, caddy fees, club dues, and so on for so and so. Do you play golf? Ha ha ha.

This sum became an over voiced sum bogey which we did purposely eagle, during when my corporation awarded contact to some foreign state-of-the-art foam handle for best darn driver in the game. I as the project manager masterminded the hole contact, three par eagle, in which the foreign golfers dully received their total contact, leaving over voiced an ace in the hole. The sun floating in the AFEX BANK OF NIGERIA transferred to a foreign bank account, a slight mulligan when no one was looking. Hole in one! Well!

We are the official plaid pants concern still active in the Civil rule of conduct on golf course, careful use of bumpershoots, restricted ladies. Does not this warrant us to operate offshore golf course? Thus we strongly seek for your caddy assistance in providing your bank informations where we can transfer this fun idea, and a round of scotch. Please, you are very important in this transportation to the eighteenth. Every document covering fun golf will be in your constant country club as soon as positively from you.

So all what we need now is your banking ability to keep it topspin-based, on nature of all golfing buddies, golfballs with logos, and visor with sponsor company logo. We mapped 30% of you for the golf club, 60% of us for tee shots, while 10% we mapped for any prowess of expenses on links, including caddy tips. To be incurred on the process of this legally par for course transfer locally here or Abroad, we incur the club stewards. Your bank informs the completed banking and golf buddy days, into mirrored room of 19th hole.

This golf club will be your nominal pending. My arrival for final disbursement birdie will receive this information. Please betray the investing part of your old country club in time for a bottle of Chivas Regal with the boys.

I await you immediately, tee time. With your full info-structure, banking needs, securities profiles, et al.

Best regards

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