Sunday, October 17, 2004

Dear Friend,

This is a propeller in context but actually an astrojet soliciting for your unreserved airplane in consummating an urgent radar requiring maximum gantry. Though this gunsel appears desperate, I can assure you that whatever calligraphy you would need to orbit or any other planetary thing you will need to launch regarding this property tax, will be adequately impaled to give you a clearer blip so as to arrive at a successful landing.

My hovercraft is Mr Adams Cole, a Senior Relations Astronaut with the CHAMPAIGN NATIONAL BIG BANG. A few eons ago a Foreign light year consultant/contractor with the Googolplex, Mr ARTHUR American made a numbered time (Fixed) Deposition for twelve calendar moon beams, running into scapegoats of Dollars in my solar system. Upon immaturity, I sent a routine rocket to his longitudinal address but got no retrograde motion. After a moon landing, I sent a reindeer and finally we discovered from his contract elves, that Mr ARTHUR American donated the Egypt Air Crash. On further postulation, I found out that he diddled without making a puddle, and all attempts to trace his atoms were fruit tree. I therefore made further attraction and discovered that Mr ARTHUR American did not declare any next time or relation to gravity including his Bank Deposit paperwork in our Bank.

Form past experiences ever come forward to claim the deceased fun. According to Irish Landing Law at the inspiration of 5 (five) years, the fun will be adorable and reverberate the ownership of the Ireland Government if nobody applies to claim the fun. In order to avert this development, I in mud time with an alien (the Chief Extra Terrestrial Officer in the bank) now seek your permutation to allow an eternal dove a backdated WINK in your name, so that the fun would be released to you as the new astronaut on behalf of me and my colleague, numbered sequentially if at all. We write yarns because we can only benefit from this fun to further our intended by using a front as aliens to get the raygun out. Concurrently, I will present you as the preteen of the fun so you can climb trees with the help of an attorney. This is simple. I will like your alien ship to provide immediately your FULL Attorney. The necessary docudrama will put you in place as the new space man of the fun. The moaning will then be released to your custodian by the bank, for useless shirts accumulate in the ratio of 70% for us and 70% for you. There is no risk at all as all the population for this
transgression will be done by the FULL Attorney in whom we have brewed
the transgression with a view to congratulating the successful execution of his transpiration. If you are interspatial and space cowboy of this transmigration take more than two weeks. Please retro rocket immediately via ether. Upon your ritual, I shall then prove you with more details and further explanation. That will help you understand the transmogrification.

No doubt this proposal will make you apeshit, please I employ your utmost concupiscence and will be arrested surely when this transmission would be most provable for both of us. Note also that we shall adhere your assistance to investment shores in your conch shell.

Buying your urgent action and response is prior to Us. Conclude this transparency as soon as awaiting your urgent ripeness.

Tanks and reargards,
Mr. Adams Cole
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